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Meet Matt Stargel Chief Operating Officer

Matt comes with 20 years of experience in food and beverage manufacturing as a plant manager, consultant, COO, and PM on multiple continuous improvement projects. He’s held senior roles at Pacific Foods, Strauss Dairy, Utz and Giorgio’s Mushrooms.

It takes a lot of dedicated food-lovers to do what we do.

Leadership & Senior Plant Team

Elly Truesdell

Chief Executive Officer

Kyle Buckley


Alex Doak

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Stargel

Chief Operating Officer

Gordon Livingstone

Director of Finance

Michael Zacco

Senior Vice President of Sales

Rick Hansen

Senior Manager, Engineering, Facilities & Maintenance

Melissa Marlowe

Senior Manager, Accounting

Rose Soares-Schmidt

Director of Human Resources

Ulises Mendez

Senior Manager, Safety & Operations

Katon Holmone

Warehouse Manager

Mark Burke

Sanitation Manager

Hallie Bonnar

Senior Manager, Marketing & Operations

Advisors and Culinary Board

Missy Robbins

Danielle Gould

Anthony Falco

Adam Kaye

Jess Williams

Walter Robb

Daniella Hunter

Michael Dubin