Private label and co-packing are just the beginning.

Our biggest assets are the people, flavors, ideas, and energy we bring to your product. You decide how your recipe gets out to the world, we help you make it happen.

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Research & Development

A little tinkering goes a long way.

Whether developing a new concept or scaling a recipe perfected in your kitchen, our team of experts love a good challenge and our fully equipped test kitchen provides the perfect arena to flex our culinary muscle. Our process is as iterative as it is rigorous. And, like any talented chef or seasoned home cook, we tweak, we test, we edit until we hit that perfect final note.


Simply put, better ingredients create better food.

It all begins with a search. Our sourcing is rooted in collaboration and guided by flavor.  We start simple, go deep, and continue until we find the perfect ingredient. Fresh or frozen, whole or diced, local or international, we’re on it. Whether sourcing directly from co-ops, large food service providers, or the fields of Italy, our sourcing capabilities know no bounds.

Production & Commercialization

The proof is in the (scaled) pudding.

Experience and thoughtfulness make all the difference when moving from concept to full production. Our teams have been both the customer and the end-consumer and they understand the value in each and every run. We’re not comfortable until you are. Need to do a full commercial test run before moving to production? No problem, we get it. We know that it’s the little things, done well, that create the big picture and guarantee your product comes out at its best – full of flavor and integrity.

Brand Strategy

No matter the volume, we'll help your brand make some noise.

Your product is scaling, your brand needs to as well  – we can help. We have some creative minds in-house and some friends who know a thing or two. We’ve built some of the most iconic and innovative food and beverage brands and are eager to crown the next one.  Let’s build a proud community around yours. Big or small, we’ll make sure your brand punches well above its weight.

Distribution & Launch

We get your precious cargo out the door.

We care just as much about your product inside our doors as when and how it leaves them. Our team is reliable, commercially-minded, and hands-on, ensuring that fulfillment and distribution run smoothly and quickly. However, we don’t stop there. We’ve also built special relationships in the industry and market so that anything we make has built-in fans and supporters so it can hit the shelves running. When we say we have you covered, we mean it.

“The safety and quality of our food can never be compromised, so selecting the right partners, who share a passion for our brands, is critical to our success.  I have found Canopy to be a strategic partner that can be trusted to deliver on our high expectations.”

Chief Supply Chain Officer,
Category Leading Sauce Brand


Pasta bowls made authentically delicious


All vegan, all gluten-free, all irresistible desserts served


Curry dishes curried