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We’re stirring things up.

We’re watching as consumer behavior shifts–in taste, in preference and in purchasing power–and seeing buyers and retailers evolve with them. Amidst this progress, there’s a layer of the industry that hasn’t quite kept up. Food and beverage manufacturing remains dated, conventional and often thoughtless. With deep industry expertise in every layer of our organization and the determination to make an impact on our food system, we’re here to change that. At Canopy Foods, we’re providing infrastructure, production and expertise to power the next generation of unforgettable foods and enduring brands. Our success is measured not only by the outstanding products that come out of our facility but also by the exceptional communities that surround them–from idea to consumption. Whether category-leaders or brands in stages of major growth, we look for partners who share our values:

  • More thoughtfulness, less waste

  • Small farms, big ideas

  • Whole ingredients, wholly amazing creations

35 Years

Average time spent in the food and beverage industry amongst leadership.

82 Employees

Currently allowing us to do what we do best.

50,000 Sq. Ft.

To commercialize your product with state-of-the-art equipment.

Summer 2016

Assumed Facility

We discovered an under-utilized facility in Downingtown, PA with massive room to grow and lots of potential.

Spring 2017

Established Private Label Partners

Private Label takes off. We built key partnerships grounded in our commitment to quality and capacity for impact.

Winter 2017

Built D2C

Captured some fast-moving Direct to Consumer business. We took on a couple of key Direct to Consumer brands with great ideas, and no product. We commercialized, built and grew both of those lines from zero to hundreds of thousands of pounds of product per month.

Winter 2018

Took on additional square footage

Grew out of our original footprint and took on an additional 20,000 sq ft. Nearly doubling in size, our warehouse, production and office space increased tremendously.

Spring 2018

Commercialized over dozens of products across branded and private label.

We expanded our production capacity while continuing to develop the communities who make it happen– from our farming partners to the expert team inside our walls.

It takes a lot of dedicated food-lovers to do what we do.

Leadership & Senior Plant Team

Kyle Buckley


Alex Doak

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Stargel

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Zacco

Senior Vice President of Sales

Rick Hansen

Senior Manager, Engineering, Facilities & Maintenance

Melissa Marlowe

Senior Manager, Accounting

Ulises Mendez

Senior Manager, Safety & Operations

Katon Holmone

Warehouse Manager

Mark Burke

Sanitation Manager

Hallie Bonnar

Senior Manager, Marketing & Operations

We don’t wait for life to give us lemons. We just make lemonade.

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